Thursday, June 23, 2005

True Tiger Road Trip

Well, Air actually..

For OHOI Sound System's 3rd Birthday Scandalous Unltd. will be reppin' in Copenhagen, Denmark on sat night 9th July playing UKG alongside UK & Denmark's finest

Scandalous Unltd. (True Tiger)
MC Purple (Renegade Boys/True Tiger)
Wiley (Roll Deep)
Maximum (Roll Deep)
B-Live (Live Agents)
Ohoi! Sound System (Denmark)
DJ Free (Dedkob - Belgium)

The boys from Denmark have hooked you up a treat, putting on the party in a 6 floor disused office block with a 360 terraced view of Copenhagen. Scandinavian Ladies (& gents for those interested!), good weather, a few drinks and Danish Hospitality..

By our reckoning Easyjet can get you out there from London for about a hundred quid

Check out the website

If all this still isn't enough.. drop us a line at


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