Monday, November 28, 2005

Last Days of The True Tiger Blog!!

Thats right,this will be the last few days that you will see this blog when you type in

The New True Tiger website is ready for launch and with brand new features it is definately going to be a website that you need to check on the regs (regular - for those who are not aware of the slang)! For those that have been seeing adverts for the CD that everyone is talking about... EYE OF THE TIGER VOLUME ONE. Look out for the Video Advert which will be available for 1st viewing exclusive to this site on the day of site launch!!! The new site is expected to go live next Monday so keep an eye out for it & spread the word!!! A massive shout to all the heads who have been emailing us about Eye Of The Tiger Volume One, the CD is off to press & will be landing over the next week & a half! Its sounding real crazy with 25 tracks from the hottest UK artists and producers, the artwork is looking serious too thanks to Gowers! So keep bugging the shops for it & it'l be out real soon....

Catch Scandalous Unlimited Live on Freeze 92.7FM or This Tuesday from 10pm-12am (GMT) for their new weekly show....

Catch the True Tiger camp Live on BBC 1Xtra this weekend on DJ Cameos Pirate Sessions Sunday Morning 2am - 6am (GMT) Lock in via DAB Radio, ,Sky Digital Channel 887,Freeview etc


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